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Face Painting… some notes from the field

It was a busy July 4th holiday! Sometimes I just have to take a step back to reflect on what it means to create a space for other people's joy and celebration. After all, it's my job to help people have fun!

I painted kids and a few adults from 8:30am to 9pm at three different events and locations! What an incredible day!

Sometimes my line is so long, I hear a lot of parents (and kids!) complaining about the wait-- I just want to tell you that I hear you and I understand! And I'm doing my best to walk the line between quick turn-around (speed), sincere good will and contact/communication with the child (or adult) in my chair, and creating a beautiful design one will feel proud to have on their face!

That can feel like a pretty tall order!

Sometimes, in the midst of being slammed and feeling pressured to work as quickly as possible, I have to remind myself that I am human, I am not a robot, and much of the value of what I do is the actual hands-on contact with guests, which is all about love.

Finding the love in each moment is what I strive to do, and sometimes the stress and demand of maintaining a fast pace can get in the way of truly connecting on this level. I regret that when it hapoens!

I may be "just a face painter" but please know I consider it an act of healing on a certain level, especially after the pandemic lockdown which instilled in many children a fear of contact and touch.

At the risk of sounding like a bloviating idealist, it is my sincere wish to impart comfort, fun, and beauty to each person, each child and adult, who receives a face or arm or body painting from me!

Sincere thanks to everyone who has let us paint you! It is our pleasure to work at bringing more joy to your life!

And please remember-- we are doing our best and we understand it can be difficult to wait in line for face painting!

-Katharyn Grant

July, 2023


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